Poinsettia Fundraiser

Is your organization looking for an incredibly easy yet wildly profitable fundraiser?

Turn premium, locally-grown Poinsettias into unbelievable profits to achieve your group’s next big goal. With over 25 years of experience growing this Christmas time classic, our expert team at Spring Creek Growers produces florist-quality flowers that are on everyone’s holiday wish list.

Our 2024 Season has begun!

Click below to sign-up and get started!


This year we are offering our Regular fundraiser in the style we always have as well as an option to Outright Purchase at anytime during the season. 

Regular Fundraiser:

  • Commit to the minimum 240 pots at sign up, but sell as you go until October 29th and turn in your final total sold. (Ex: 241, 305, 970 etc.)
  • Freedom to only order exactly how many your group has sold by October 29th and not have any extras left over.

Outright Purchase:

  • Order any quantity 240 pots or more at sign up. This will be your official total. Reducing after signing up is not allowed, but increasing may be possible depending on crop availability and communication with your Poinsettia Specialist.
  • Don’t be tied down to completing your fundraiser before October 29th. Sell your plants anytime you like (even after delivery).

Bonus Opportunity:

  • New for the 2024 season!  Option to add-on Decorated Lemon Cypress  to your fundraising efforts.
  • Available to Opt-in on Regular Fundraiser or Outright Purchase
Regular Fundraiser Outright Purchase

We provide everything you need for a success story:

  • Custom order forms
  • Plant care instructions
  • Convenient delivery

Your group can focus on the most important part: selling!

With red Poinsettias this gorgeous, you’ll hit your targeted goal in no time.

Your organization’s profit potential has never looked this good.