Poinsettia Fundraiser

    2022 Poinsettia Outright Purchase Contract

    Thank you for choosing us to partner in your organization’s fundraiser! We are delighted to be your greater Houston area poinsettia supplier and are proud to grow locally in Waller, TX. We wish you success as you get underway selling toward your fundraising goals!

    How is an Outright Purchase different from a Regular Fundraiser program?
    While we still offer the option for a customized selling form, our Outright Purchase Fundraiser is a full order commitment when you sign up. Unlike our regular fundraiser program where final quantities aren’t due until the end of October, in an Outright Purchase the quantity you order when you turn your form in to sign up is your final quantity. You are contracted to receive and remit payment for the full quantity ordered. Order quantities cannot be reduced. (There is a possibility for quantity increase depending on crop availability and communication with your Poinsettia Specialist.)

    Available to Purchase Dates: NOW - October 1st, 2022.

    The total quantity ordered is the minimum quantity you are required to receive and remit payment for. Once submitted, order quantities are not able to be reduced. Order quantity can be increased if crop availability allows (by approval from your Poinsettia Specialist).

    Organization Information

    Tips: Groups of at least 10-15 work best.A good minimum sales goal is at least 10 per person. Establish goals for your entire group and for individuals. What do you need to earn to hit your goals? Consider all selling strategies – social media, parent’s places of work, sell at athletic events, advertise in community newspapers or newsletters, etc. Incentivize high performing sellers and remind your group what your ultimate goals are with the funds raised. Your group is held to the quantity ordered with the option to increase.
    Organization Billing Address: (Where organization receives mail)- This can be a P.O. Box

    Contact Information

    Primary Point of Contact

    Secondary Point of Contact

    (Must be different than Primary)

    Organization Billing Contact

    (Can be the same as one of the above)

    Tips: Name a reliable coordinator that is passionate about your initiative! Someone with great organizational skills. Make this person responsible for collecting all proceeds. If you have a treasurer position within your group, then they can be a different point of contact. Your primary point of contact is responsible for all communication with Spring Creek Growers and the group. Communication is the key to success! The Primary Point of Contact is responsible for communicating with your Poinsettia Specialist if an increase to your order needs to be requested. Your final confirmation and invoice will be emailed to both Primary and Billing contacts if they are different.

    Delivery Information

    Your order minimum is 240 Poinsettias, which qualifies for delivery. Your minimum bill will be $1,680 plus delivery of $47. Delivery Fee is $47-$195 in the Houston area depending on location and size of the order. The Delivery Fee will never go over $195.

    Delivery location must be a large enough site for a bobtail truck delivery. A bobtail truck is similar to a large furniture delivery truck. The trucks have lift gates to unload full racks of poinsettias and our friendly drivers assist in verifying counts
    and unloading. A guide to ‘Order Check In’ will be sent upon invoicing to help make sure the delivery and organizing of the order goes smoothly.

    Poinsettias will come on Spring Creek Growers’ metal racks. Each poinsettia will have the red foil covering over the pot and a breathable sleeve to protect bracts. Racks are to be unloaded at the time of delivery. Our drivers accept checks and will collect payment upon delivery.

    We recommend that Poinsettias reach the end customer within 48 hours to maintain quality. After 48 hours, the plants will need to be watered and unsleeved for ventilation. When watering, the foil pot covering needs to be removed so water
    can drain. Water with room temperature water until the full pot is wet and water is dripping out the bottom. Then stop.

    During an event of extreme cold weather, your specialist may need to work with you to move a delivery date and/or time as plant quality will be affected during an extreme cold event.

    Keep your poinsettia safe

    Delivery times and dates are to be selected as a first and second pick request. Official delivery date and time will be emailed to you by November 4th after trucks are routed.

    Tips: When choosing a day and time, allow yourself plenty of time to receive and organize your delivery by individual. Remember Poinsettias can be delicate. Choose a central location that will be convenient for your group to pick up their orders. Remember Poinsettias must be protected from temperatures below 50° F. Ideal temp range is 60° F—85° F protected from wind, rain and excessive heat and cold. A church, school, band hall, gym usually works best. Garages are not acceptable locations.

    Delivery Date and Time

    Delivery Address

    (Must be a location with a parking lot. Business, School or Church etc.)

    Profit Potential

    You determine your profit potential and sale price! We have groups be successful with a $15.00 sale price. Most groups sell for $14 to keep the cash exchange simple. Your cost is $7.00 per plant and we recommend a $12-$15 selling price, which competes with most high-end garden centers and independent retailers. Remember, you are selling florist quality plants! Remember the minimum order is 240 Poinsettias, so if you sell all of your minimum at $14 each, you are guaranteed at least a $1,680 in pocket!
    All fields highlighted in yellow on the Sample Order Form are customizable to your organization’s needs.

    Invoice Payment to Spring Creek Growers

    Your specialist will email you back a confirmation and a copy of your final invoice in the first week of November to help you prepare for delivery. Your invoice will also reconfirm your delivery location, time and tax status. If you would like to request any quantity of Poinsettias in addition to your original order, please submit your request by email prior to October 31st.

    We accept payment for the full invoiced amount by check at delivery location only. Please be prepared to give the delivery driver your check upon arrival at delivery location. Drivers are not permitted to start the unloading process before payment has been received.

    Sales Tax Information

    By law we must have 1 of 2 tax status forms on file or we are required to charge sales tax. We are unable to sign up your group without this tax section complete.


    1. Pay Sales Tax: No forms need to be signed. We will charge the organization the local sales tax amount of 8.25%.
    2. Tax Exempt: Please fill out the attached form claiming exemption status. This is typical of most registered non-profit groups. We must have this form by law.
    3. Resale: Please fill out the attached document claiming that you are reselling our product, collecting the sales tax on your own and paying governmental sales tax. This isn’t typical but can happen. Disregard this form if you are agreeing to pay tax or are claiming a Tax-Exempt Status.
    Please certify which Tax Status you wish to claim (If no box is checked, and a Tax form is not attached, we will be charging tax to your order.):

    Download the form, fill it out, then upload it below.

    Download Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate

    Download the form, fill it out, then upload it below.

    Download Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate

    Terms and Conditions of Sale

    Working with live horticulture and Mother Nature there are rarely crop failures, but they can happen. In the event of a crop failure, you may receive other colors for some or all your order. This is extremely unlikely but needs to be mentioned. Spring Creek Growers has the right to sell all Poinsettia Fundraisers ANY color of 6” Poinsettia deemed necessary in the event of crop failure. Back up colors include White and Red/White Multicolored. In this event, your specialist will communicate with you to determine a plan and course of action.
    The minimum poinsettia fundraiser order is 240 pots of 6" poinsettias at a $7.00 each cost. If by delivery day you have not sold all of the 240 committed, you will still be invoiced for them, but keep in mind you can still keep selling your remaining allotment for as long as you wish. This is an outright purchase order and cannot be reduced after order is submitted.
    Please sign and date here to agree to terms and conditions of sale and acknowledge receipt of the set up information packet:

    Once all documentation is received, expect to receive your Custom Order Form within 5 business days from your Poinsettia Specialist so you can quickly get underway selling. Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have questions.
    Spring Creek Growers is proud family owned and operated company for over 20 years.
    Good luck with your fundraising efforts! We look forward to helping you achieve your fundraising goals! Thank you for creating a joyful Christmas season!

    For any questions, please contact us at:

    Office: 281-259-8114 (Press 1)
    or [email protected]